In orbit with Margie and the Moon

- Mantra Collage -

At Margie and the Moon, we really wanted to prioritize others’ needs and we were so excited about the idea of building a community and if we are (REALLY) lucky, help empower our peers the only way we know-how.

Creativity is often considered a catalyst that encourages you to feel more connected to your authentic self. If you feel like you don’t know what you are doing, or a tad discouraged that’s a good sign. It means you are trying something different. And remember that only change can bring growth.

Making has been such a powerful tool in my life in managing difficult emotions as I don’t always have words for what I am feeling. And I can certainly be short on time with two kids and a busy work schedule. So, don’t be too hard on yourself when starting. Sometimes, just cutting out a couple of pictures from a magazine and putting them together in a collage can be such a welcome release.

Our first project will be a mantra collage made by Aurore. Here are the steps she utilized in creating her beautiful piece.


  1. Choose your *MANTRA*
  2. Gather all the material needed
  3. Paint the card paper that you'll user to create your letter

    and let it dry

  4. Cut the background part after measuring your frame
  5. Paint the background of the frame and let it dry
  6. When the card paper is dry, use it to cut out your letter
  7. *It is easier to cut out capital letter than cursive.
  8. Place your letters on the background and frame it :-)!
  9. Keep your mantra in a place

    where you'll be able to see it regularly.





Card paper




Floating frame


Margaret Ayres